West Virginia FC particpates in the nationally acclaimed CCL !
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About the "Club Champions League"

West Virginia FC & CCL

- CCL (Club Champions League) is acclaimed as "The Best Regional League" in the USA, and the "Largest Club-to-Club Soccer League in the USA! They provide various levels and arenas of competition:

"Next Gen" -- for U-9 to U-10 which includes "NextGen Scrimmage Fests" (tournaments that take the focus off winning).

"CCL Regional League(s)" -- for U-11 through U-19. But this also includes a path for u-12 and up in "NLA North American National Championship" (NLA is "National League Alliance").

"CCL National League" -- also for U-11 through U-19 and with path to "NLA North American National Championship" but it is a higher level of competition, basically the pinnacle of youth soccer.

And through both the Regional and National leagues, CCL provides premier College Showcases and other top tournaments.