Changing of the Guard

WVFC Director of Coaching, Joe Burton, steps down.

​I am reaching out  tonight to inform you that I am stepping down as Director of Coaching and welcoming a wonderful person and coach, Nikola Pearson, on board as our first full-time director.  This is an exciting time for our club as we enjoy new challenges and opportunities provided by Club Champions League.  A professional Director of Coaching to devote time to improving the quality and consistency of training our players receive has been a role we have hoped to fill for some time.  I could not be happier with the result of our search.  
Nikola has strong credentials, vision, and the energy to propel us forward.  She has the full support of our fantastic board of directors.  Our club is in very good hands.
​It has been an absolute honor to serve in various roles in our club over the past decade.  I have witnessed amazing growth in numbers, in quality, and in opportunities.  I have shared some amazing experiences with you.  I’ve had the pleasure of watching so many players grow-up in the club, develop as players and become outstanding human beings.
I’ve seen you coaches do the same; travel through the stages of thinking and coaching behavior, learn, mature and grow.   We have shared many highs and lows together, played this beautiful game all over the east coast, and brought quality soccer home to West Virginia.
  We have changed logos, uniforms, names, faces, and fields but have always been a family.     Thank you all for allowing me to be a part of it all.  Sincere thanks to everyone who has put so much of their time and energy into making this club a fantastic place for our young players.
I plan to continue to help  with our 2010 boys as Wes Cole’s hydration consultant and cone placement technician and will be available to help through this transition to CCL.   I am looking forward to a great Fall season and I can’t wait to see what’s next!
I challenge each of you to set new standards, higher goals, new “firsts” and continue our tradition of being that little club from WV that shocks everyone.   Continue your education.  Learn from each other and your opponents.   Push yourselves a bit; nothing is impossible.   Continue to build friendships and network with coaches and clubs you meet, it proves invaluable in time.  
It’s been a real pleasure. Cheers!
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