Showing Up

Addy Astorino started attending the WVFC academy in 2015. Her first day at the Academy, Addy was in tears and didn’t want to participate.  When Academy volunteer Meghan Kerns (WVFC 01G Red Revolution) saw this, she first encouraged Addy to do a few drills from the sideline. Slowly Meghan was able to encourage Addy to move closer on the field with the rest of the participants. Over the course of the Academy season, Megan and several other Revolution mentor volunteers inspired Addy to stick with soccer. 

Fast forward to Fall 2020: Meghan is now off to play soccer at Shepherd University and Addy was recently named one of the team captains of the 2010 Comets. 

Thank you Meghan for your impact on Addy’s development! And congratulations to Addy for never giving up!!

You never know when or how you are going to impact someone else's life. When you show up for others, you change the world in ways you can't even imagine. We are proud of both of these young ladies for setting a great example for the rest of us!

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