WVSA mandates masks on sidelines

July, 13 2020

To: All WVSA Members

Fr: WVSA Executive Director, Dave Laraba

Re: WVSA Return to Play Plan Member Memo

Important Updates: WVSA Mandates mask on the sidelines for all team and club participants in response to the Governor's announcement today. Also information on Virus positive tests, WVSSAC, and WVSA Social Distancing Policies.

WV Gov Justice has limited crowd size to 25 for outdoor events but has exempted sports as long as social distancing is maintained and masks are worn. WVSA will today Mandate the wearing of Masks by all team / club members when not on the playing field If Clubs want the Gov to keep us playing we must follow these policies. ALSO!!! Please continue to review the Return to Play Guidelines, with special attention to the Create A Healthy Environment Section and the Mandatory Requirements.The requirements for social distancing, no team huddles, no handshakes and other nongame contact are still in effect.WVSA Clubs are responsible for enforcing these policies with their members, If Clubs want the Gov to keep us playing we must follow these policies.

Several WVSA Clubs have reported cases of players being in contact with someone that has tested positive for COVID-19.In all instances the Club or event has acted promptly!!!When notified of a club member being in contact with someone that has tested positive follow the directions of your local Health Dept and or the WV DHHS. As of today most Health Depts are testing and quarantine the persons that have had Primary contact with the positive person. Clubs may take further action with other members of the player or staff members teams pending the result of the Primary contacts test. Remember to respect the privacy of all individuals. It is very important that all clubs continue to use the WVSA Screening Tool to be able to provide the health depts with the needed information.

Clubs have been having Zoom meetings to inform members of the affected teams and keeping everyone informed. Clubs may also recommend members self-quarantine and Clubs also have suspended activities of the affected team, pending the results of the testing of the Primary contact. Once again always follow the recommendations of your Health Dept.

Clubs please notify and keep updated WVSA Ex dave@wvsoccer.net and WVSA Risk Management Director kristi@wvsoccer.netDO NOT give us the names of the involved persons just the information on the incident.

WVSSAC HS / MS UpdateBoth HS and MS practice may begin on 8/17. First contests can be HS 9/2 and MS 9/7.WVSA clubs and players may continue to participate with clubs until 8/17. Coaches are reminded of the restrictions of coaching in their teams’ gender and age groups in the off season. The soccer season is expected to end at the scheduled times.

Reminder!!Additional requirements for all WVSA clubs:WVSA Member Clubs may add other areas to their hot spot list as they feel warranted!!

All clubs to require anyone returning from the Myrtle Beach area (More hot spot areas may be added based upon direction from the state government. Contact Dave Laraba for more details) to do one of the following:

1. Get a COVID test that proves negative before resuming training (BEST PRACTICE)

2. Self-quarantine for 14 days.Contact your local Health Department for more information.

WVSA has created a Return to Play Information Center that contains guidelines, polices, and resources for WVSA clubs, coaches, parents, and players. You can find the resources at: http://www.wvsoccer.net/rtp/

WVSA clubs must also follow the regulations of your local County Health Department and local government in starting to return to play.WVSA clubs must also follow guidelines established by your local facilities for return to play.

Each WVSA club and member must decide whether to resume play. Return to Play is voluntary and the decisions of clubs and/or members must be respected.

WVSA would like to thank all clubs and members for their understanding during these past 3 months. Please continue to be safe and healthy.

If there are any questions on how to proceed, please contact WVSA Executive Director, Dave Laraba, dave@wvsoccer.net.

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